Shared Living Services

Kentucky, Colorado

Bridges is a national leader for independent contractors who provide care in their own homes to the people they support. Whether known as a Host Home, Family Home or Sponsored Residential Setting, Shared Living creates an environment where the participant controls who they live with and where they live.  People supported in a shared living model lead lives that are rich and full of meaning.  We believe great contracted service providers are the key to having a successful Shared Living Program and we pay the top rates to contractors in each of the markets we support.

Not only does Bridges provide contracted Shared Living Providers some of the highest reimbursement rates in the country, we also provide the best service and support to each independent contractor.  Participants in this service experience outstanding outcomes in health care, employment, community connectivity, low turnover of their provider, and most importantly, a great quality of life with a family that loves them and supports them in their unique endeavors.

Shared Living Services

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