Behavior Services


Bridges is a national leader in the field of Behavior Therapy. We employ Behavior Support Specialists throughout Indiana and we focus on individual services uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the person we serve; Bridges can even support your loved one with bi-lingual services, if required.  Our Behavior Support Specialists assist a person with correction of his or her identified destructive or unhealthy behaviors.  Behavior Therapy Services can also assist with improving a person’s self-esteem, communication skills, and coping skills.  We help both children and adults with such needs as anxiety, depression, anger, phobias and self-harm.

Our Behavior Support Specialists assist individuals and families with identifying problems or undesirable behaviors and finding appropriate or healthier responses or patterns of behavior.  Bridges utilizes a home and community based model of behavior services delivery which focuses on observing, assessing and providing support to adults or children with disabilities paired with a behavior concern.  Behavior Support Specialists are experts in completing functional assessments for planning and implementing strategies that will increase desirable behaviors and decrease problem behaviors.

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