On August 22nd, Jonathan Burlison (CEO of Bridges) presented a white paper to the Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Task Force on the topic of Military Waiver Slots. The goal of the task force is to create recommendations to provide freedom, choices and quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Military families currently face a number of challenges, including residency eligibility requirements and being placed on the waitlist for long periods of time. The recommendation of Military Waiver Slots offers solutions to these challenges by supporting active duty and veteran Hoosiers who are obtaining services for their children with developmental disabilities. This recommendation specifically supports creating a priority status on the waiver for these individuals.

By providing service members and their family members priority status on the waiver, we are directly supporting all Hoosiers. We are proud that this recommendation has been accepted by the task force and will be recommended in the ten year plan.

To say the recommendation of Military Waiver Slots hits close to home for Jonathan Burlison is an understatement. Burlison is a veteran of the United States Air Force and is an advocate for all who serve.

Jonathan Burlison states, “The support of this recommendation is huge not only for Hoosiers, but for all active service members, veterans, and families across the nation. As a task force, we have set out to develop an innovative plan and I believe Indiana is spearheading this head on.”

Jonathan Burlison and Bridges US are thrilled to see the implementation of the recommendation. This recommendation aligns with Bridges mission and we are proud to see such an impactful stance accepted. Bridges mission is to, “Provide the services necessary to allow individuals with disabilities, with the support of their families and friends, to live, learn and work where they choose within the community.”

Each week, Bridges is excited to share the Taskforce’s progress and initiatives for the future of services. For additional information, recordings of meetings, and how you can attend, please visit https://www.in.gov/fssa/ddrs/5455.htm.