On July 18th, Clint Bolser (Bridges Division President) presented a white paper on Subminimum Wage. He presented the paper on behalf of Jonathan Burlison (CEO of Bridges). The elimination of subminimum wage has the vision of the 1102 Task Force in mind which is that “All Hoosiers are included, recognized, and supported as equal citizens, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Allowing programs which incentivize or allow employers to pay individuals with disabilities below minimum wage vehemently goes against the vision set forth by the task force. Jonathon Burlison states in his white paper, “The 1102 Task Force should ensure all Hoosiers with disabilities are compensated at the same wages as other Hoosiers not classified with a disability.”

While the practice of Subminimum Wage is legal by the US Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), it is far from fair in today’s workforce. A fair wage for any Hoosier should be no less than the minimum wage. The elimination of subminimum wage will ensure Indiana is taking progressive and innovative steps to provide all Hoosiers with disabilities the right to earn a fair working wage.

Each week, Bridges is excited to share the Taskforce’s progress and initiatives for the future of services. For additional information, recordings of meetings, and how you can attend, please visit https://www.in.gov/fssa/ddrs/5455.htm.