Driverless vehicles and technology are advancing day by day. This week’s 1102 Task Force topic focuses on Driverless Vehicle Technology. Jonathan Burlison, CEO of Bridges US, presented a recommendation and white paper on the topic to the task force. This recommendation highlighted the benefits of driverless vehicle technology in Indiana, especially in regards to advancing freedom and connection to the community for individuals with disabilities.
The recommendation was accepted, and Jonathan Burlison is eager to see what the future holds for Hoosiers. While some may believe driverless technology is years away from being integrated into most people’s lives, it is advancing and being implemented today more than one may think. In July, Purdue announced its innovation hub which will focus solely on the research of driverless vehicles and the technology they bring. This type of academic research will not only impact the nation but has the potential to benefit Hoosiers directly.
So, what does this truly mean for people with disabilities? The acceptance of this recommendation into the 1102 Task Force’s final report means that as the State of Indiana evolves with its initiatives in driverless vehicle technology, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be included and have a voice in this area of technology.
Bridges US is eager to see the final recommendation from the task force. We would like to give a special thank you to Jonathan Burlison for his leadership and influence over the past year as well as fellow task force members and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch. For recordings of meetings and additional information, please visit To view previous 1102 Task Force Series posts, visit