First, I would like to thank each team member for going above and beyond to serve the individuals we support at Bridges. Your relentless commitment to our organization is appreciated. In my twenty years of serving people with disabilities, I have never witnessed more dedication and willingness to help than I have during the past few months. I am continuously impressed by the professionalism and commitment of our employees.

At the beginning of the COVID-19, we believed we would be off for a week or two, and then everything would go back to normal. However, even today, we have found this will not be the case as we move forward. At Bridges, we were quickly responsive and prepared for the pandemic. We were able to transition seamlessly because of the steps we took over a decade ago.

Ten years ago, we understood the importance of getting out of the office and into the community where services were delivered. Our team took several steps to promote working remotely. By preparing our organization to work remotely, we were able to not only survive during the pandemic but to thrive during this unanticipated world event.

For example, we created a centralized documentation processing center called the CORE to decentralize documentation management. In addition, we reduced the size and layout of our offices to promote a more relaxed atmosphere. Finally, we ensured our employees had the proper tools and technology to work from anywhere. The past few months have confirmed we can indeed work from anywhere.

Back then, we never imagined facing such an unprecedented time. Every team member at Bridges is balancing concerns that we all have for our families, health, and the people we serve. We have continued our trajectory of improvement by adapting to changes faster and adding even more tools to our arsenal of service. With these great strides, we are committed to moving our organization forward. We are excited to announce that Bridges will be moving to a Work From Anywhere approach.

So, what does Work From Anywhere mean? At Bridges, we want our leadership team to be able to work where they are the most productive. Working from anywhere means working where you choose while providing the best quality of service to our clients. If your home is where you are most productive, work from home. If you feel you need to work from the office, that is fine too. Working from anywhere could mean many things for many people. As always, our focus will remain on being productive and accomplishing our clients’ goals and organization.

With this new era upon us, let us not go backward but forward with ourselves, our clients, and our company.


Jon Burlison

Bridges CEO