As the 1102 Task Force is working to wrap up their final recommendation, we have two remaining topics to share with you. These topics are Tying Funding to the Individual and Driverless Vehicles. This week, Bridges US brings you the topic of Tying Funding to the Individual.

The recommendation of Tying Funding to the Individual focuses on reviewing and modernizing the state’s current system of institutional funding to potentially reduce the number of institutional settings in Indiana.

To successfully accomplish this effort, a stakeholder’s group will be developed to create a plan for Hoosiers with disabilities. The goal of the task force is to shift the focus of facility based funding for individuals towards home and community based services for individuals.

Jonathan Burlison, CEO of Bridges, states, “It has been an honor working with task force members on this recommendation. After countless hours of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to see this recommendation come together for the final report.”

The stakeholder’s group will work together with the common goal of Tying Funding to the Individual. The plan will focus on a variety of areas to ensure that all people have an informed choice when choosing their living arrangements.

Each week, Bridges is excited to share the Taskforce’s progress and initiatives for the future of services. For recordings of meetings and additional information please visit